YOU and Naloxone Saved MY Life: Utah Billboards

This campaign was launched to increase awareness and to express gratitude to so many who have been prepared and stepped in to save a life around them. In the realm of opioid overdose, non-medical people, every day people, save lives. We are all FIRST RESPONDERS when it comes to responding to an opioid overdose, and we are all good enough to save a life! 


This campaign highlights the variety of life savers we have in our communities including a mom, a community member/friend, a law enforcement officer, nurses, and EMS. 


We also celebrate the wonderful lives of those who were saved because someone had naloxone and stepped up when it was needed.  Dani, Riley, Amy, Quinn, and Mitch all lived because someone was prepared with naloxone when it was needed. Some of those who had been saved have also saved the lives of others around them.  


Everyday citizens and non-medical responders join those with medical training to save lives and give people second chances at life with naloxone. Gratitude Abounds.


From Dani on her life being saved, pictured here with Captain Anthony Burton of the SLC Fire Department:

"Naloxone gave me a second, third, and fourth chance at life. Paramedics, a 7-11 clerk, and a fellow addict have all administered naloxone to me to save my life at different times in my 10 years of active addiction. Now, looking back, I am so very grateful for the opportuntites I have had in my recovery and in my life that would never have been possible if it weren't for people saving my life, even when I didn't want to be saved. I am now a woman in long-term recovery, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a coach, a beautiful, brilliant goddess of light. As a career, I now get to work every day to give hope and help people out of a hopeless life I once lived.


In my recovery, I have been presented with an opportunity to administer naloxone to another person in an opioid overdose, and they lived because I was prepared. Today I live to avenge my sister's death by overdose. All of this I would never even seen, if selfless others hadn't taken the time to administer naloxone and save my life."

From Riley on his life being saved, pictured here with Sam Plumb a life-saving community member:

"If I was never given a second, third, or fourth chance, I definitely would not be walking on this Earth! So many people that I had never met helped me more than I can ever repay them. So I have made it a goal and a way of life that if someone reaches out and needs help in any way, I'll be there 100%. If they slip and fall and come back and come back wanting help again, I'll help them in any way I can!"


'If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path' - Buddha

From Amy on her life being saved, pictured here with Officer Omar Flores of the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake:

"Utah Naloxone is a game changer! I fell into addiction at 37 years old. This took me to the lowest point in my life and I experienced 2 overdoses. Thankfully I was saved when naloxone was there to revive me.


I was introduced to naloxone when I was homeless and living on the streets. Overdose was a daily occurence and I witnessed many who did not survive. Utah Naloxone's efforts and dedication made it possible for all to be educated and equipped to have a kit in their personal possession which resulted in numerous lives being saved, and so many given one more chance, one more day. 


In my recovery, I now work with individuals battling substance use and have had many situations where I have administered naloxone. I am grateful for Utah Naloxone and the knowledge and ability to help others overcome the darkness and despair that I experienced. Every life has value, we matter, and we DO recover!"

From Quinn's mother on his life being saved, pictured here with Allie Shaw and Jaymes Garner, 2 Emergency Department nurses:

"Recovery takes grit and strength and courage and a fight that most of us will never fully understand. Our son got a second chance to invest in his well-being, and we got a second chance at hope. We got a second chance to love and support him as we witness him doing HIS work to find HIS recovery.  


None of that would have been possible without the brave compassionate people (a nurse, a mom, and Weber County EMT's) who administerd naloxone to a stranger, our beloved son; giving him another chance at life.  How do parents even find the right words of gratitude for that?"

From Theo on saving her son Mitch's life: 

"When I first learned about naloxone being available to parents, I knew I had to get my hands on some. My son Mitch was in active addiction and not ready for recovery. Finding someone to give me naloxone turned out to not be easy because of the lack of education and provider willingness to equip people. It took me over a year to find Utah Naloxone (in 2015). I'm very happy moms and others can now readily have naloxone.


Not even 2 weeks after meeting up with Utah Naloxone, I found my son unconscious on the couch. I was able to give him naloxone and get him breathing again. He said after waking up and seeing me crying with a room full of EMTs, paramedics, and police there, he was ready for help. He went to Detox that day, then to Rehab. He was finally ready for the fight for his life! He had a slip up after Rehab and I was able to save him again, but after that, I finally had my son back.


In 13 years of addiction, Mitch fought a great battle. Sadly, his body was ravaged from his prior drug use. He passed away after having him back for over 2 years. I am forever grateful I had my son back for those 2 years. I'm also happy he was living a good life in California. He was able to personally save someone with naloxone and he also saved several others by educating people about naloxone. 


Mitch has been gone now for almost 2 years but I'm so very proud he is still helping others with his story and his journey!"

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